L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara


As much as mascara is the first makeup item I had bought for myself over a decade ago, it’s an item that causes my loyalty to come into play. My lashes are curly so I get pretty picky about formulas. 


When I had first seen a picture of Lash Paradise, I had the same thought as everyone else, “Wow that looks like Too Faced Better Than Sex!”. The thing is, when I had tried that mascara for the first time back in 2014 I wasn’t impressed. At all. I was disappointed. It didn’t exactly make my lashes super dark, nor did it make them long, and I found that it got flaky and messed up my makeup. Not the usual slight smudging under the eyes, I’m talking little black specks on my cheeks. 


The brush does remind me of Better Than Sex of course, but it also reminds me slightly of The Shock mascara by Yves Saint Laurent, with the difference being that the latter has a rose scent. (Lash Paradise brush on the left and The Shock brush on the right)


In a weird way this is one of those mascaras that I enjoy more a few weeks into its shelf life. Let me elaborate, at first the formula didn’t blow me away — maybe a month ago. Now? I really like it. I like how it’s not too wet and I can build up the coats; this is another difference when compared to The Shock, The Shock is a wetter formula. It doesn’t flake off nor does it smudge, but be careful with the inner lashes since it’s such a big brush. 


I can’t speak to whether or not it gives lashes a curl, since my lashes are already curly. It does give them volume but not much length. This is one that I definitely feel you can layer up when you want your lashes to show in pictures without falsies. This shot is without Lash Paradise mascara.


1 coat of Lash Paradise mascara



2 coats of Lash Paradise mascara


Bottom line? I do think this is a good mascara. Is it a dupe for Too Faced Better Than Sex? I can’t speak to that entirely since I haven’t used that in ages after my first disappointment. Is it a dupe for YSL The Shock mascara? No, because that one is definitely a wetter formula and there’s a very slight difference with the bristles. Is it a good mascara that I think everyone should try? Absolutely! 


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