NEW From L’Oréal Paris! Pure Clay Cleansers and Masks


I can’t stress enough how much good skincare matters more than good makeup in my opinion. You can wear all the makeup in the world and have an entire bag solely containing high end products, but it really makes no difference if you’re not taking care of your skin.


I hadn’t flocked to the Pure Clay masks when they had initially launched as I already have my trusty GlamGlow set. To be honest though, I became curious when I saw that L’Oréal would be coming out with Pure Clay Cleansers since of course we cleanse daily. I received the package recently and what really reeled me in was the concept of the cleansers going from clay to…mousse? Yup, you read correctly. These are clay to mousse cleansers. They squeeze out as a clay — the consistency is comparable to any clay mask you’ve tried, and once a little water is added they feel like a mousse between your fingers and on the face. The first few times I used the cleansers I squeezed out a little too much, i.e. the amount you’d use to mask your entire face, but you only need half of that because when the water is added a little goes a long way. 


In terms of results, I didn’t experience many noticeable differences, however I wasn’t exactly hoping for that as I’m still enjoing my Sunday Riley UFO. The brightening cleanser did have me looking a little more awake but to be honest with you, because I do so much skincare at night my skin generally looks acceptable in the morning  (wow, so humble).


The exfoliating one had my skin feeling a little smoother and in terms of convenience I liked this one for not having to use 2 products — a cleanser, and an exfoliatior. The beads in this are super fine, you can feel a little grit but to me it’s nothing too abrasive. If you’ve tried the exfoliator from Lancer or Murad it’s comparable to those. While I don’t get particularly oily I still gave the mattifying one a try and it wasn’t bad but I definitely had to go in with my daytime moisturiser, L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius, because after a few minutes with no moisturiser my skin felt tight. 


As for the Pure Clay masks, the calming one (blue) was sent and so was the cleansing (black) mask. I tried the black one first as my skin didn’t need much calming and I will say that even though it contains kaolin clay (think Origins Clear Improvement) my skin didn’t feel dried out after using this mask. This would be ideal for twice or thrice weekly use for a deep cleanse to recover from all the makeup wearing. 


For quick skin prep before makeup I used the exfoliating cleanser, the (black) mask and Hydra Genius to get everything in order. I like making sure the dead skin has been removed for smoother makeup application


Honorable mention to the scents in both the black mask and the black cleanser. This duo I’m assuming is meant to be paired together. I don’t know specifically what it is but there’s something that’s so fresh and nice about it. All in all, I do like these and it’s not just because I’m in love with the scents. The products aren’t bad and I think these would be good for someone new to skincare or someone who has skin that isn’t very problematic and would like to try something new. I mean, clay to mousse? That’s pretty cool. Both Pure Clay Cleansers and Pure Clay Masks are available in stores as of mid-July.


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