Sunday Riley U.F.O.: Review and Results


Get abducted. Clear skin is out there. I know, not the usual way I begin a blog post but I promise it will all make sense if you check out the Sunday Riley brand. You’ve probably heard of it, I mean, it’s sold at Sephora and this particular oil can never stay in stock. Having said all that Ultra Clarifying Face Oil by Sunday Riley is in fact the product that has changed my skin in the past few months. 


As a blogger I often wonder if persons realise that we too have our reservations about trying new brands and new products. Needless to say, when I first saw the brand Sunday Riley on the Sephora website, I thought, “Oh look. Another new brand that thinks we’re gonna just fall for them”…until I tried the products. Not only do I like the names of Sunday Riley products, I like knowing the science behind it and I like that Sunday is so involved in the process — there’s a YouTube interview done with her by the Pixiwoo sisters.


I kept my routine the same to see if UFO was really to thank for the difference. I use Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic, Clarins Mission Perfection Serum, and then I go in with my UFO oil and press that on. Every now and then I’ll use it in the day as well if I choose to skip sunscreen for whatever reason. Sometimes I’ll mix in 2 drops of the Luna Sleeping Night Oil with UFO to combine the power of both and in the morning my skin is perfectly bright. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t always drawn to face oils since my skin is no longer very dry I just figured I wouldn’t necessarily need them. UFO however does not feel heavy on the skin, and if you have oily skin this formulation will actually be beneficial because of the 1.5% salycylic acid.


UFO contains Black Cumin Seed Oil which I’ve tried before by the brand Odacité, as well as tea tree oil which is an antibacterial, and salicylic acid which we all know is pretty much commander in chief for acne products. Initially I was a little skeptical because I was concerned it’d dry out my skin, but there are ingredients to ensure this doesn’t happen. When it comes to skincare, I know what works for my concerns: glycolic acid, lactic acid, salycylic acid (small amounts), hyaluronic acid and black cumin seed oil; they handle my blemishes and breakouts without leaving me dry.


I began using UFO at the beginning of May, so the progress pictures below are monitoring May 17 to June 15


May 17


May 17


June 15



June 15



P.S. I’ve sampled the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser and Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment by the brand and I have a favourite way to use them. I watched a YouTube video in which a ‘flash facial’ was done. Take equal parts of each product, apply it to cleansed skin, and leave it on while I shower or about 15 mins. Rinse off and then I follow up with my usual skincare or C.E.O. moisturiser with 1 drop of Luna Oil. The result? Skin that looks brighter and dewy without a drop of makeup on. Looking beyond the fact that you get so much product, the ingredients in UFO are pretty straight forward (in my opinion) and the results are there. All in all, I would definitely say that UFO is worth taking a chance on. If you can catch it when it lands at Sephora once more that is.



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