Blend and Boost Skincare


Happy Spring! đŸ™‚ Of course I’m going to apologize for my unexpected hiatus, but maybe I was just…waiting for spring to arrive to get back to writing? Kidding, life got in the way but that happens to the best of us. If you’d like to keep up with me more though, click here and follow me.



A few months ago I was invited to launch of Blend and Boost Skincare in Toronto. Naturally, before attending, I did some research as I hadn’t heard of them previously. B&B was created by a dermatologist on the premise that each person’s skin is unique and therefore we have unique needs in terms of ingredients and formulations.


For those who enjoy the customization aspect of skincare, this is ideal. You actually begin by taking a survey that will ask/address your skin concerns and your special B&B product will be created based on the information provided and the corresponding products for your needs. You can see mine here. I feel that B&B is great alternative for those who would like a customized skincare experience at a fairly reasonable price point, you know? As all my Beauty and the Brows Babies know (yeah, I just came with that on the spot), my main concern for my skin is always blemishes. While my skin is balanced, I blemish easily, and the more I get into skincare, the more interested I’m becoming in anti-aging benefits as well. B&B also takes into account the products that you’re currently using, as any good skin consultation should.


As you can see, your base will depend on your skin type, i.e. in my case, my product started as an oily skin (OS) base, as this would address the concern of blemishes. The second part, your code (the numbers) is determined by the active boosters that are then added to the base to address your less pressing skin concerns, e.g. in my case, dehydration, moisture, sensitivity, etc; while I don’t suffer from any of these skin issues generally, I like to make sure products don’t dry out my skin. Hence, I listed them as secondary concerns.


One of the coolest things about B&B is having to use only one product, that really intrigued me. Instead of using a serum, moisturizer, and an eye cream (which I admittedly do almost religiously) you simply go in with your one B&B product both morning and night after cleansing. Yes, the area around the eye is delicate, and yes B&B is safe for use around the eyes (but obviously if you experience any type of irritation you should stop).


All in all, I like idea of the B&B, but it wasn’t exactly a game changer for my skin. I’ll be honest with you, I did enjoy being able to simply use one product after cleansing my face each morning/night. It does absorb quickly though for when you need to apply makeup right after, and it also feels very light on the skin. Essentially I do think the concept of B&B is amazing, and I think the product is good. But my skin? Pretty much stayed the same.



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