Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit


I hate to admit that at times I’m one of those Limited Edition Junkies at times. To be honest though, the reason I was most interested in the Ultimate Glow Kit is because it has 6 shades instead of the usual 4. Also because…gold. I like gold. I really like gold. I like it a lot. Especially on my cheekbones and my eyes.


I’m not a big fan of the packaging to be honest and that’s not something that I say often. The part that’s really bugging me is the white font on the sleeve and the flap; white and seventies – esque and just not my style. While the simple gold (see what I mean?) font on the Master Palette by Mario is so aesthetically pleasing.


Anyway, the shades in the Ultimate Glow Kit aren’t bad, but I find that 2 of the bottom  shades — Sunray and Hot Sand are the real achievers. The lightest shade — Snow, I’ve barely used, except for maybe once on top of one the aforementioned shades to lighten them up a bit. I find that White Sand and Golden Dawn are actually quite gritty, i.e. not finely milled and look a bit chunky sometimes when applied.


On the other hand, all the gold shades pick up beautifully when taking a picture in the sunlight. Think of pure gold paint, or almost Photoshopped. The ones I mainly use are Golden Dawn, Sunray and Hot Sand; sometimes Golden Dawn is a little too yellow gold for me to be honest.


Sunray is closest to Gold Deposit in terms of colour if you were wondering which popular highlight it may resemble.Hot Sand is slightly closer to rose gold. To get the best payoff with these I dip into the highlighter with a fan brush or a very small duo fibre brush and then spritz it with some Prep and Prime Fix Plus before applying.


I’ve found spritzing with Fix Plus cuts down on how gritty some the shades appear at times. If you like a beaming highlight, try the Ultimate Glow Kit. If you can’t fully justify needing all 6 colours, then you won’t miss much by skipping this one.




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