Flawless Complexion Foundation Routine


One of the things I enjoy the most about makeup, is making complexion products look very skin-like. Both on myself and on my clients. I’m a fan of foundations with a satin finish, or even a demi-matte finish; more the former though. Sometimes dewy can be a bit much, and matte finishes just look unnatural to me at times. To perfect my complexion I like to start with a small amount of that day’s foundation, after applying a primer; I’ll spread this amount and then gradually build it up from there.



I start with ensuring that I’ve done my usual skincare routine, in the earlier winter months I was using FACE by Dr. Roebuck’s, and currently I’m using Sheer Transformation; both moisturizers work well under foundation. Confession time. If I don’t fully cleanse my face (usually because I probably did 8 hours prior) I’ll at least go in with some micellar water before my moisturizer.



I’ll go in with a pea-sized amount of Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass and spread that all over the face, with a strong focus on the T-zone. However in the summer I’ll use BECCA Primed Matte Poreless Primer and if I want more of a glow I’ll use Laura Mercier Radiance Primer.  After this, I set with a very, very light dusting of Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder. I’ve found that doing this keeps me from getting oily — without making me too matte, my foundation lasts for a longer time, and I get more coverage out of said foundation.


With my concealer I’ll place a little under the eyes to cover any darkness and then blend that out with a damp BeautyBlender. I have a small mark above my left eyebrow, and a small blemish between my eyebrows, so I use concealer to cover those as well. Also not forgetting to place the remaining amount around my nose. The other way I sometimes use my concealer is to mix it in with my liquid foundation. Smashbox Studio Skin Concealer mixes in well with Sheer Glow Foundation, and Radiant Creamy also mixes well with Sheer Glow; this gives a tiny bit more coverage.  After blending all the foundation on my face, I’ll take the damp BeautyBlender — with no additional product, and dab it along my neck. This way everything blends in seamlessly.


To complete everything I use a big fluffy brush to once more dip back into my translucent powder and lightly tap it along the face — including under the eyes (when I’m not baking). Avoid swirling your brush when applying the powder because the products underneath will move around and ruin all your work. Lastly, to avoid having any of this look powdery, I’ll spritz my face with MAC Prep and Prime Fix Plus and throughout the day I’ll use Boscia Blotting Sheets instead of touching up with more product.






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