Makeup for Beginners: M.A.C. Cosmetics


For many, M.A.C. was their first introduction to makeup, and they’ve become extremely loyal. For others, it may be the only type of high-end makeup available to them, and that’s okay too. In any case, the whole thing can quickly become overwhelming. This post is to help you narrow down what may be your essentials based on your beauty style as well as your budget.


Base: Foundation, Concealer, Powder.

Matte, demi-matte, dewy, satin, light coverage, full coverage, buildable coverage. What. Does. It. All. Mean? At some point you’ll be using all 3 or some combination of the 2, e.g. foundation and concealer, concealer and powder, foundation and powder. This will be based on how much of your skin you’d like to show and how much time you’re willing to dedicate. In simple terms, if you’re looking to have full coverage, i.e. none of your scarring or blemishes showing — you’ll go for all 3. If you’re looking for something to quickly cover up under eye darkness, marks, in addition to not looking shiny — you’ll go for a concealer and a powder. If makeup doesn’t tend to wear off on your skin but you’d like some coverage and don’t want want 3 products, you can try foundation with concealer and possibly skip the powder. Lastly, if you simply want something to quickly even out the skin, one and done, you can opt for a powder.


Eyes: Primer, Shadow, Liner.

You’ve probably heard about Pro Longwear Paint Pots or Paints and yes, you should believe the hype. The trick is to ensure you’re using the correct shade for your skintone. e.g. Soft Ochre and Painterly are widely used in YouTube tutorials, however if you’re on the more caramel or chocolate side, try out Layin’ Low as it creates the perfect blank canvas. There’s also a 24 Hour Eye Base that’s transparent, thus it works amazingly for all skin tones.


M.A.C. Cosmetics has 100+ eye shadow shades with varying finishes, i.e. shimmer, matte, satin, etc.  For starters, I’d suggest a minimum of one shade and maximum of 4 shades. If you’re going with one shade, this is where it becomes useful to use your bronzer in your crease to help that one shade blend out well. If you’re going with 4 shades, I’d strongly suggest sticking to neutrals and have them be varying finishes. e.g. Lighter skin tonesWedge (transition), Soft Brown (deepens the crease slightly), Saddle (outer corners), All That Glitters (lid). Darker skin tones Saddle (transition), Brown Script (deepens the crease slightly), Swiss Chocolate (outer corners), Bronze (lid). This is obviously not set in stone; the possibilities are endless and in the end it comes down to what look you’re going for.


Liner can be pretty personal. Especially in terms of formulation and abilities. When it comes to liquid liner I find this is where persons are pretty die hard in terms of which one they use so I’ll keep this nice and short. Everyone’s eyes has a hint of gold in them, so M.A.C.’s Eye Kohl in the shade Teddy will be perfect for just about anyone. If your eyes are brown you can go ahead with Costa Riche. Both shades will look especially beautiful on blue eyes; the former will give a softer effect, while the latter will provide more definition. For green eyes, try something that’s more on the plum side, such as Eye Kohl in Prunella. Hazel eyes can do Costa Riche as well or even Coffee, and for those of you looking for a classic black, go with Feline Eye Kohl.


Cheeks: Bronzer, Blush, Highlight.

M.A.C.’s Mineralize blushes have shimmer but they’re not overpowering  and not everyone wears bronzer so that’s somewhat of a personal preference.

For those who do like bronzer, this in itself varies on how deep you like your bronzer to be. The general rule would be to go no more than 2 shades deeper than your skintone. For blush, you want something that makes your cheeks look like you just came back from a run (I don’t run though, so I’m not even sure why I used that comparison). For lighter skintones you can try New Romance or Gentle, and medium skin tones can opt for Petal Power or Warm Soul. For deeper skin tones, try Love Thing, Love Joy, or Gleeful; these are all from the Mineralize line.

Apparently looking like a glazed donut is something that many would like to have left in 2016 — many persons don’t want that look, and that’s okay. Let me go on record and say that I am all for highlighter (and donuts for that matter). It seems I like to use ‘personal preference’ a lot in this post, but highlighter truly is just that.  For those who do though, I’d recommend lighter skintones to try Soft and Gentle, and deeper skintones can opt for Gold Deposit.


Lips: Liner, Lipstick, Lipglass

If nothing else, M.A.C. Cosmetics is known for their lip products. Since this post is geared towards beginners, I’m going to give suggestions that are in the neutral family. Once more it’ll go by skin tone. Lighter skintones: Subculture, Etcetera, Boldly Bare; for liners, Creme d’Nude, Velvet Teddy, Honey Lust; for lipsticks, and Lust, Prrr; for lipglass. Medium skintones can try Spice, Hover, or Whirl for liners with any of the lipsticks listed. Deeper skintones Cork or Chestnut; for liners, Spirit, Creme in Your Coffee; for lipsticks, Spice, Big Baby, C-Thru; for lipglass.


All in all, whatever items you choose to go with will come down to personal preference and just how much time you’d like to devote to your beauty look. I’ve also always wanted to use this quote, so here goes, “Makeup should be fun! Remember it all washes off at the end of the day” Seriously though, remember makeup is just that. A form of self expression and something that can be washed off at the end of the day. Play around with it and have some fun.







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