Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: Worth the Hype?



It’s one thing for a product to be widely raved about, but for it to be widely raved about in addition to the fact that it’s not exactly cheap…that’s another thing. This is the beauty of sampling in the cosmetic industry. I had sampled, and sampled, and sampled Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass Cosmetics. Until I caved. I’m happy though, and that’s what matters because I can definitely justify purchasing this primer.



One pump of Veil Mineral is more than enough for me to prime my entire face — a little goes a long. This primer is neither thick nor watery; think more of an almost serum-like feel. My skin is balanced for the most part, but I do find that this helps to keep my natural oils at bay somewhat. For dry skin, I’d recommend having a good moisturizer on before using this.


My favourite way to use this is by incorporating a trick that I learned from Wayne Goss on YouTube, i.e. using a light dusting of translucent powder after face primer, and before liquid/cream foundation. I’ve found that by doing this I use less product, get more coverage, and my foundation stays in place for hours, while Veil Mineral helps my pores to appear smaller. After this, I mix in Radiant Creamy Concealer with Sheer Glow Foundation and apply it with a damp Beauty Blender. Smaller pores, full coverage, satin finish; a second skin appearance. All in all, I do think this is worth it especially considering how long the full size lasts since a little goes a long way.



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