Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation



I can’t resist a good deal, and for that I make no apologies. Black Friday and Boxing Day are two of my favourite days of the year despite the craziness. I live for the deals, I live for refreshing my sephora.ca page at 11.59 a.m., I live for getting cash back via EBates when shopping onlineOle Henriksen is one of the brands that I’ve found always has good deals for Sephora’s Black Friday deals and this year it was the New Love – Bright Complexion Duo.


The Clean Truth Cleansing cloths pictured here are usually CDN10 on their own for 10. The 1.5 oz Sheer Transformation is CDN18 and the 1.7oz is CDN48; I purchased 2 of Ole’s Black Friday sets this year. The wipes are perfect to throw in your bag for maybe after a workout or a day at work, or even just to keep in your bag for impromptu sleepovers. I’ve also tried these for makeup removal and even though they’re not wet enough to remove all makeup, they can work in a pinch.


Ever since I realized the importance of having a more tailored skincare routine, I’ve been more interested in trying out various brands and products. My skin always gets on well with Ole’s Aloe Vera Cleanser and Grease Relief Tonic, so I figured why not try one of his moisturizers. I wanted to see how Sheer Transformation would work with other products, so I cleansed with African Red Tea Cleanser, then went it with Grease Relief Tonic before applying Sheer Transformation. While my skin didn’t have an adverse reaction, the results weren’t out of this world.

img_0160sheertransformation4Does it moisturize? Yes. Does it work well under makeup? Yes. What I like about this the most is how quickly my skin absorbs it. Even though I loved Dr. Roebuck’s FACE, sometimes it would take a little too long for my skin to absorb it before I could sleep without worrying that my pillowcase would be moisturized than my face. I haven’t seen much of a change in texture while using Sheer Transformation, and it’s not exactly formulate to be blemish targeting, so I can’t speak much on those 2 concerns. All in all though, this isn’t a bad product. I think it would be good for dry skin, and because of it’s lightweight feel and fast absorption, I’d recommend oily skin to try this as well (preferably at night).


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