Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup by Mario Master Palette: Worth the Hype?


Remember how I referenced the Kardashians in my post on NARS Liberté blush? Yeah, now is as good a time as any to admit that I’ve always liked their varying makeup styles and I’m an admirer of Mario Dedivanovic’s work. Naturally when I learned he was coming out with a palette I got excited. Especially considering that I had wanted to try the ABH eyeshadow formula anyway.


img_0123masterpalettemain2This palette has more shimmer shades than matte and I feel this could be changed to possibly include a deeper burnt orange/brown shade. Something similar to MAC’s Brown Script or Makeup Geek’s Cocoa Bear, even Sienna by ABH. While I feel some of the matte shades — specifically Lula, could improve in terms of blend ability,  they’re not terrible. With the shimmer shades however I find that for some I really have to be packing them — Kim in particular takes quite a bit of work to show up how I want it to and so does Paris. While it could be the brushes, I’m not entirely sure they’re to blame; brushes with softer hairs — natural goat hairs, don’t pack on the pigment as well. When I tried my $2 eyeshadow brush from Wal Mart with the synthetic fibers it worked a bit better. ABH released eye brushes back in November though, so maybe those will actually be ideal for this formula and the brush in the palette, while not the best quality, works very well with these shadows.

img_0122masterpalettemain3The shades swatch beautifully on the hand and I was hoping this would be the same on the eyes. I’m fine with the palette containing mainly neutral shades because I’m not drawn to colorful palettes. All in all I don’t think this is a bad palette, but I do think some shades could improve and that another matte shade — maybe to replace one of the lighter shimmer shades (Hollywood or 5th Ave) would be nicer. Isabel is my favourite shade, but personally — because I love a good bronze, I’d switch out Paris to be something that shows as a true bronze on my lid, and then Lula as well to a different matte shade (but that’s just my imagination).

img_0111masterpalettemattetonesSome shades are hit and miss — in particular Kim and Paris; I find that with both of these (shimmer) shadows I have to try a little too hard to pack them on for the shades to show up. Isabel and Violeta do blend well as mattes, and 5th Ave or Claudia would pair nicely with Violeta for a halo smokey eye.

img_0112masterpalettejeweltonesFor a pop of colour, the options are pretty fun — an olive green and a navy blue; Bronx and Claudia respectively. The shade Hollywood is the perfect neutral browbone highlight for a variety of skintones if applied properly and Muse is the perfect shade to use when trying out the red eyeshadow/burgundy smokey eye trend.


Makeup Look using Muse from the Master Palette with M846 Morello Cherry by Make Up For Ever



Makeup Look using Paris from the Master Palette on the lid 


Makeup Look using Violeta and 5th Ave from the Master Palette


Makeup Look using Isabel and Bronx from the Master Palette 


Makeup Look using Claudia and Marina from the Master Palette 


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