NARS Blush in Liberte

The minute I laid out these NARS blushes for the product shots, the word that came to mind was, “cousins”. Right away. Okay and then after that I thought, “Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe! But…who would be Orgasm?” Orgasm doesn’t look like the others. Immediately upon placement, they reminded me of cousins at a holiday family dinner. I’m not crazy, I promise.


Top (L to R): Orgasm, Taos Bottom (L to R): Taj Mahal, Liberte


Top (L to R: Orgasm, Liberte), Bottom (L to R: Taos, Taj Mahal)

The blushes that I wear all tend to be somewhat similar, and with good reason. I stay in the same colour family though, because I’ve found these are the shades that are flattering on my warm skin. I remember clearly few years ago when I began being more interested in purchasing higher end makeup, I was looking for blushes — for a few years prior I genuinely thought I didn’t need to wear blush. When I found out that NARS Cosmetics is the blush authority, I went searching for my perfect shade. Fun Fact: Liberte was the first shade that had been tried on me years ago in 2013 and now I finally own it. Talk about full circle!


Top (L to R: Orgasm, Liberte), Bottom (L to R: Taos, Taj Mahal)

If you’re anywhere between NC40 to 50, or Syracuse — like Desi Perkins, up to Macao in NARS shades, this is the perfect everyday shade for you. Liberte has no shimmer so if you’re worried about emphasis on any texture on the skin that won’t happen. It gives a perfect desert rose flush to the cheeks, but with a slight hint of a coral/peach/orange undertone so it could only be Taos‘ sister, not Taos‘ twin.


Top (L to R: Taos, Liberte), Bottom (L to R: Taj Mahal, Orgasm)

The blend-ability on this is amazing and it pairs perfectly with my bronzer for the winter months. If you wanted to go ahead and use a highlighter with this blush, I’d recommend going for something that’s more on the golden side as something more pearly may not be as flattering. Quick Tip: I’ve also used Liberte as a light wash of colour on the eyes to tie a look together.


Top (L to R: Orgasm, Liberte), Bottom (L to R: Taos, Taj Mahal)

If you’re into more bright pink blushes, like NARS Desire or Mata Hari, this might not be up your alley. If you find you’re more into Taos ,Torrid, or even Seduction then this will be the perfect addition to your collection. Already following me on Instagram? If you’re not, here’s a link so that you can have a little look at how this blush looks on the cheeks 🙂



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