Dr. Roebuck’s FACE


In the time that I’ve been writing — a little over 2 years, I’ve been lucky enough to attend beauty launch events and to sometimes receive items for review purposes. Have you ever received an item and then thought, “Wow, okay yeah…this one… this one is really something”? That was my thought process after trying Dr. Roebuck’s FACE. My next thought was, “I seriously wish I had known about this when I was 16 and experiencing my first Canadian winter”. At the time I was still trying to clear up my acne, but my skin was so dry that it began to flake and itch. As a 16 year old only armed with Seventeen magazine for beauty tips, I continued using acne products containing salycylic acid because I didn’t know any better. It’s important to note that here in Canada (and I can only speak specifically to Toronto and Port Hope), the temperatures in winter can drop to as low as -25 to -30.


FACE is not a cream that I would necessarily recommend for the summer days, but for summer nights I’d still say try this out if you have dry skin. When I had just received this, I once tried it on a hot summer’s day and I was far from impressed. To be fair, that’s all my fault, because this is not made to be mattifying, simply moisturizing and good for preventing wrinkles. I began using this regularly* as of late August/early September as I wanted to see how it would work with my skin in the colder months.


FACE is a dream as night as part of my skincare routine. I wake up with my skin feeling so soft, supple, and with a little less texture. I’ve also used this in the morning before applying my makeup and it still works very well. I will say though, considering that this isn’t exactly labelled as being made to target blemishes or acne scarring, I didn’t have the highest hopes for it being a clearing agent. To fully target the blemishes that I have, I began adding an oil from the brand Odacite.


For those of you concerned with every last ingredient in your beauty products, I think you’ll find this list to be pleasing. With water and glycerin listed as 2 of the first ingredients, as well as rosehip oil and lavender oil being a part of the festivities, this is really dry skin’s dream.


Sorry oily skin, this one isn’t really for you. All in all, I would recommend this for dry skin, those with eczema, sebhorreic dermatits, rosacea, or even if you have normal skin and would simply like something that can protect your skin better during the colder months. The best part is that a little goes a long way so the jar will last for a long time.







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