Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Primer Water Main Image

Beauty and the Brows is my brainchild and that’s probably why I often start blog posts with, “Let’s be honest”/”I have a confession to make”. Well, confession time is here once more. About a year ago I had published a post on Smashbox Primer Water, or so I thought. The caption wasn’t posted and somehow I didn’t notice. The thing is though, I still love this product just as much as I did last year so let’s speak about it properly this time. When I had first heard the name ‘Primer Water’ last year January I was having trouble wrapping my head around the concept. With Smashbox Cosmetics being The Primer Authority I trusted what they had created in any case.

Primer Water 2 USE

I first purchased this on its own last year at the Spring VIB Sale, I then purchased a Smashbox Cosmetics Try It Kit back in fall — because it contained some of my favourites, and I somehow ended purchasing more bottles even after that. Primer Water also received honorable mention in my post on my Summer Essentials. So you could say we’re pretty committed. When a product has various uses, I’m pretty much sold. This can be used to both prime and set — I tend to use mine more for setting (I tend to change up my primers based on the season, i.e. mattifying vs. radiant). Does this keep my makeup in place? Yes. Does it also add a bit of hydration on days when my skin feels a little dry? Yes. Have I gone ahead and actually tried this as a primer? Yas! I will say though, if you’re looking for a setting spray to mattify your makeup, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for something that has multiple uses, this is it. Summer is coming to an end but Photo Finish Primer Water can still earn a spot in your makeup bag because of its versatility points. Considering that I’ve been using this product for a little over a year now, I can say that I quite literally cannot do my makeup without it; it’s become a habit. Oh and if you dislike touching your face too much with your hands when applying makeup, this is definitely for you.

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