First Aid Beauty Mineral Sunscreen Moisturiser


As mentioned in my previous post, I’m big on sun protection (even when the winter months roll around). The long standing issue for me is always finding a moisturiser with SPF that won’t make me look like Casper’s friendly second cousin. He’s cute and all, but I’ll pass. I’m also not the one to spend over $50 on a moisturizer. This FAB Moisturiser has been my go-to recently. The price point was attractive to me (CDN37) and it also does not feel heavy on the skin at all. White cast? Sometimes (depending on how much I’ve used). I find mixing it in with Maracuja Oil by Tarte Cosmetics helps with the absorption as well as really warming it up in your hands and then pressing it in. Another small issue I’ve encountered with this is that after walking for maybe 12 minutes in the humidity and I start to sweat, I can see the moisturiser — basically, my sweat looks like white droplets. Gross, I know. I can say though that it works well under makeup i.e. It doesn’t show through. Does it work overall? For me I’m going with yes. Direct sun exposure with no protection tends to make blemishes worse, and of course it leads to sun spots — I’ve experienced neither of these since using the FAB Mineral Sunscreen (in addition to using the Radiance Pads at night) All in all I’ve found that the main things to remember with this are to warm it up properly and make sure not to use too much. As much it is now August, there are still a few days of sunshine left in Toronto and every now and we have some sunny days in September as well. I know what you’re wondering, “Get to the point! Should I spend my $40 or not???” Yes, yes you should.




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