Summer Essentials and Current Favourites

As it gets warmer, we’re usually inclined to wear less products. Makes sense. It’s hot, you sweat, your makeup fades. In case you haven’t noticed, I love wearing makeup. Not necessarily everyday, but I’m not just a, ‘lipstick, blush, mascara’ girl; I need more! In the warmer months, I prefer simply wearing products that feel lighter on the skin or have more than one use.

Option 1 for Main Image

Before even deciding which foundation I’m going to wear, I need sun protection. No one is bigger than skin cancer and as it turns out, WOC are more prone to blemishes and discolouration. I blemish easily so I can’t be taking such risks. The FAB Mineral Sunscreen is a bit on the pricey side, but it’ll last me all summer. A little goes a long way and it works so well when mixed in with Maracuja Oil — I find that mixing it in with the oil gets rid of the white cast that it tends to have on its own.
Shot with GinZing Eye Cream

Speaking more on the subject of blemishes and discolouration, the Radiance Pads by FAB are a repurchase. They’re that good — both for warm and cold months.
In recent times I’ve been enjoying a slightly more subtle highlight and that’s where BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal comes in handy; liquid, not patchy, and pigmented enough to show on my skin tone.
Setting spray is a must for me and I’ve been hooked on Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water ever since I first tried it a year ago.

Option 4

Instead of doing much eye shadow, I’ve been switching up my liners; these 2 from Colour Pop are my current go-to shades. A warm bronze (Over Board) for just about any look and a purple (Piggy Bank) for when I’m feeling fun. Snapdragon Luminous Blush has already been raved about in my previous blog post, so it’s no surprise that I’ve counted it as a summer essential. I’ve also been going a little lighter on the lips with Hot Chocolate from MAC’s Vibe Tribe Collection. Currently these are the products I’ve been reaching for every time I go to do my makeup. With so many new launches happening come August, stay tuned to see what else I’ll be loving! Also, there will be an in-depth review of the FAB Mineral Sunscreen.



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