BECCA Cosmetics Luminous Blush in Snapdragon

Snapchat-BECCA main image

If I had to pick a single factor that influences my purchasing decisions the most, it would probably be what shade range is available for women of colour. We’re not all one shade of chocolate, caramel, or olive; undertones are so important. BECCA Cosmetics understands this. All their products, as well as their images, convet the message that they (aim to) cater to just about every skin tone.

Snapchat-BECCA size comparison

When I first read about the Luminous Blush range which was inspired by their now famous Shimmer Skin Perfectors, I was more than a little excited. These blushes are infused with the same shimmer as the Skin Perfectors; reducing — almost eliminating, the need for the highlighter. The one that jumped out at me was Snapdragon, as it’s a pink blush with a hint of coral and very flattering shimmer to finish it off.


Don’t let the size and cutesy name fool you, this blush packs a punch. Be sure to use a light hand with a brush that isn’t too dense. I’ve been loving this with a flat duo fibre brush from Bdellium Tools or when that’s too dirty I’ll use my angled blusher. The former is ideal as it won’t deposit too much colour at once and it’ll blend it out just enough for the shimmer to still be flattering.



(L: Taos by NARS Cosmetics, R: Snapdragon by BECCA Cosmetics) I was also drawn to its sisters, Tigerlily and Blushed Copper. When I first saw Snapdragon it reminded me of Orgasm by NARS Cosmetics — which shows as pure gold shimmer on me, while Snapdragon shows up as a gorgeous pinky coral. I was sold. I picked it up as soon as they launched in store and I’ve been using it ever since. Currently it’s definitely a summer go-to in my makeup routine. Snapdragon also plays well with its little BECCA cousins (cute, I know) for the season. 


Before patting this onto the cheeks, sometimes I’ll lay down a little Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (as seen here) and then place the blush on the apples of the cheeks for a glowing look that appears effortless. Since it is so pigmented it’ll really draw attention to the cheeks, and if that makes you concerned about texture or blemishes I’d suggest using it with a full coverage foundation — such as their Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme (I’m wearing the shade Tobacco in this shot). I think these blushes are permanent for BECCA, but I’m not entirely sure. In any case, there’s a colour for every season and a shade for everyone. So don’t walk, run! 





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