Color Pop: Mini Haul


Knowing that at this point my explanations/apologies are (possibly) pointless, I’d like to start off instead by saying that I am not late to the Colour Pop party. Now, let me explain. Have I known about Colour Pop? Of course! Had I gotten around to ordering from them? Only in recent times. As it turns out, the Sephora VIB Spring Sale can cause you to really re-think your makeup purchases.I was a bit hesitant with ordering to Canada because I know that can take a while, but my wait wasn’t too bad. I ordered on May 26, it was shipped out on June 1, cleared Canadian customs by June 2, and it arrived right in my mailbox as of Monday, June 6 in perfectly good condition. This post will simply be a quick showing of what I ordered — the items I got were from the lip, cheek, and eye categories.


Naturally I gravitated to the lip category on the website first. After browsing various finishes and different colour families, as well as Googling what some of these products look like on darker skin tones, I decided on 2 products. I grabbed an Ultra Matte Lip in the shade More Better and a Lippie Stix in JuJu Rouge.


One of Colour Pop’s most unique products is their Super Shock Eye Shadow — I purchased Game Face, while the other shadow in the dark pink packaging is the shade Birthday Boy in celebration of their 2nd birthday. The Creme Gel Liners are somewhat new, i.e. to the best of my knowledge they launched a few months ago. For the liners I went with Piggy Bank (top) and Over Board ( bottom).


Lastly, on a whim, I decided to grab one of their Super Shock Cheek blushes in the shade Pie. I must say though, I haven’t heard too much raving about the blushes. In any case, I wanted to have some variety in my purchase and this shade didn’t exactly wave subtly, it yelled from across the street. The next cheek product I’d want to try from them is their highlighter in the shade Avalon. First impressions of all the products? The packaging does not feel cheap at all, especially considering the affordability of Colour Pop’s products. Swatches and in depth thoughts? Those will be in a few separate blog posts. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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