Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado


It seems that many of us in our 20’s think we’re invincible (except for those times when the power goes out and we have to take the stairs instead of the elevator) Here’s the thing about aging gracefully, you have to start taking care of your skin *before* the older years in order to look good in the older years. This is where eye creams, serums, and SPF come into play. I’ve read before that this is Kylie Jenner’s eye cream of choice, and to be honest, I can understand why. The price point on this isn’t bad in The World of Eye Creams; it’s pretty average, and sometimes Kiehl’s has discounts. The avocado in this really helps the under eye area to feel more moisturized — absolutely perfect for night time. On my skin, which is balanced/normal, it does take a little while to absorb and this may also be because I don’t have a particularly dry under eye area; it’s not thick to the point where it causes any sort of irritation. I think if around your eye area is very dry then this may be perfect for you as the beauty advisor had told me that’s primarily what this particular eye cream is for. If your eye area is normal you can use this as well. Another note on the consistency is that you definitely want to use this sparingly if you’ll be applying concealer soon after. The moisture in the eye cream combined with the creaminess of whichever concealer you choose can lead to possible creasing; ensure that it’s been fully absorbed. It doesn’t have any sort of light reflective ingredients, so don’t expect this to brighten in the way that Origins GinZing would (in the mornings I use GinZing on top of the Creamy Eye Treatment), and don’t expect it to necessarily cancel out dark circles. In my humble opinion, this is ideal for those who are new to eye cream in their younger years or those with a very dry under eye area.


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