NYX Cosmetics Wonder Stick in Deep


With makeup looks, I really do go through phases. During the winter of last year when I had just gotten my hands on the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal line, I was into contouring. After purchasing my second NARS blush in December, I went through a phase in which I adored bright cheeks. When that’s not my current obsession, it’s my eyebrows, or warm shimmery neutral shadows. The point is, whatever my current obsession is, I like coming across the perfect product to use. The Wonder Stick by NYX Cosmetics is perfect…for beginners. Hear me out, because this isn’t an attack.


Somehow everyone is still obsessed with contouring. Say what you want about the strobing trend, but people are still contouring their faces. I am one of those people from time to time. What I do like about the NYX Wonder Stick is that it’s almost infallible. This handy dandy stick has made contouring so simple, i.e. the lighter shade — which will go under the eyes, is the pointed end. While the darker shade — which belongs on the hollows and around the temples, is the rounded end. Application is a breeze to some extent because of how creamy this product is; this also contributes to its blendability. The caveat with that though, is creaminess causes a product to crease, for example, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Each time I use this I do find that I absolutely love the colour match, I love the convenience of the stick, and I love how easy it is to blend. Having product settling into lines (of which I don’t even have that many) in my under eye area I do not love. For this you may want to set it right away.


If you’re a beginner looking to try contouring, go ahead and grab this. Or if you’re still hesitant, as mentioned previously, you could try the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Pro Conceal line and see how you like those.If you’re not a beginner, that means you probably already have a go-to contouring routine and this product would simply something for you to try for fun.


The good news is, regardless of where you fall in terms of being a beginner or a makeup junkie, NYX Cosmetics has become more accessible in Canada. A few Shoppers Drug Mart locations carry NYX Cosmetics. Not only do they have stand alone stores in Square One (Mississauga) and one on Queen Street, there’s also one coming to Toronto Eaton Centre!



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