First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads or Nip+Fab Gycolic Fix Pads

Nip Fab and FAB Glycolic Pads

As mentioned in my previous skincare post, one of the key things for blemish prone dry skin is chemical exfoliation. The combination of acids (glycolic, salycylic, and lactic) that I had previously written about will aid in ridding your face of any dead skin. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with using a regular, gritty exfoliator. The thing is because it’s more abrasive, it can actually make blemishes worse instead of better. Gentle exfoliation will not only rid you of dead skin to avoid clogged pores — which causes blemishes, but it’ll also help in faster turnover of new skin cells — which helps blemishes; your skin will overall look more radiant.


I had gotten the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads when I revamped my skincare in January, and I instantly saw results. Therefore, the Nip + Fab Pads were more for maintenance of radiant skin and prevention of blemishes. While the Nip + Fab Pads worked out to be a better value, they do have more of a slight scent and they feel significantly thinner. Since the First Aid Beauty Pads are thicker, they’re much easier to glide across the skin. Also. Nip + Fab had a slight tingle the very first time I used them, whereas First Aid Beauty has absolutely no tingle, still with great results.



First Aid Beauty Pads not only helped in clearing my skin of blemishes, but they also got rid of some texture that I had been having. Around the perimeters of my face (think that side region close the ears approaching the jawline) my skin was uneven; there were blackheads and texture. I also found that on my cheeks my pores had begun appearing smaller over time, while up top on my forehead my skin looked a bit more even. All in all the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads definitely made my skin feel smoother, and while it didn’t rid my skin of all blemishes, there was significant improvement. The only reason I’d be hesitant about investing in the full size, is because halfway through my skin would probably be accustomed to the product and stop showing results. Nip + Fab took a while to dry after swiping it across my face. I’d have to use the Glycolic Fix Pad and then actually wait for a few minutes before applying my serum, in addition to the fact that I find the pad itself gets dry very quickly — this isn’t exactly an issue as it’s not made to be reusable. All in all I’d say that if you’re cautious to see if glycolic pads will help your skin then try Nip + Fab, but if you need immediate results then try the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads.



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