Eye shadows can really be very hit or miss. When they’re bad? They’re patchy when you go to apply them, and you wonder if pigmentation is just a word that bloggers toss around. When they’re good? They inspire you to try new shades outside of your comfort zone, different eye looks, and have you practicing your blending skills. Make Up For Ever Artist shadows fall in the latter category. These have been widely raved about, and with good reason. While these aren’t a new release, I purchased mine during the VIB (fall) sale, and I’ve been playing around with them ever since; I like usually enjoy using my products for some time before sharing my thoughts. After some tweaking, swatching, and research, I finalized my trio to the following (R to L): ME728 Copper Red (METALLIC), M846 Morello Cherry (MATTE), M656 Chestnut (MATTE); for quick reference, since there are over 200 shades in this range, Make Up For Ever has organised these shadows using an alpha numeric system. The beginning of the shade name for example will start with one of the following: ME — metallic, M– matte, I — iridescent, D– diamond, S — satin, while the numbers will indicate the colour range, e.g. Reds, yellows, blues, greens, etc. Now I know what you’re wondering, “Okay but does she like them though?” I love them! These not only swatch beautifully, but they blend amazingly as well. Would I recommend this for beginners? Not necessarily. Between the number of colours available, pigmentation and the varying finished, it may be a little overwhelming for someone just starting to use eye shadow. For someone looking to invest? Yes, definitely go ahead and get these. The pricing of these eye shadows is another interesting point as well — as you purchase more there is a higher discount; check sephora.ca for specific details. 


Anyway, I had decided when getting these that I wanted to get neutrals because I would get the most use out of those shades. Another fun fact is that many of these have been formulated for use on both the cheeks and the face. In a rush, I love using Morello Cherry lightly in the crease on my Bdellium Tools 785 brush, with a little Chestnut to add definition; or sometimes I’ll just pick one of the two shades and do a wash of colour in the crease. While the shades in my palette would inspire a beautiful warm-toned eye look, the gold can also be used lightly as a highlighter, while the matte red would add colour to the cheeks, and the brown shade could be used for a bit of warmth around the perimeters of the face or even with a light hand to fill in your eyebrows (depending on your hair colour). All in all, I do see these as one of those investment products that you would get a lot of use from; because of both pigmentation and varying usage.


Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows: Worth the Hype?

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