When I think about an on going project, one of the first things that comes to mind is my skin. While my skin isn’t horrible, it’s still necessary for me to have a routine that works for both my age and my skin type. Note: my skin used to be dry (sebhorreic dermatitis) and now it’s balanced. It’s also blemish prone, with the occasional breakout which is affected by my diet. Sephora always has 2x or 3x the points on skincare in January, so I had done research based on price point, ingredients, and availability. Ole Henriksen is a brand that I had only toyed around with for a bit before — samples, and mini facials. Anyway, I know that the words ‘deep cleanser’ and ‘grease relief’ will automatically have you thinking that these 2 particular products may not be ideal for dry skin. Here’s where things get interesting. The aloe vera cleanser was not at all stripping, but it still left my face feeling nice and clean even during my makeup removal routine. Take note though, this is not creamy cleanser, nor is it a frothy cleanser, unlike say, Checks and Balances by Origins; Ole’s cleanser is a gel and that’s exactly what it feels like. I was also originally skeptic about the toner but it actually assisted in making my skin feel more balanced. As the name says, it is non-drying, and I do find that it helped somewhat with my blemishes — however I had used it in conjunction with First Aid Beauty’s Radiance Pads. Through changing up my skin care routine this winter, it’s reinforced that what’s needed for blemish prone skin which feels dry is gentle chemical exfoliation, i.e. a combination of lactic, glycolic, and salycylic acids.   The cleanser contains glycerin which will ensure that your skin doesn’t feel dry, and the lactic acid can be found in the Grease Relief toner.  What may have impressed me the most with these products was the value. Both the cleanser and the toner are 28CDN respectively, and I had purchased them on January 16, but only now am I reaching to the bottom in time for spring.


Ole Henriksen Oily/Blemish Prone Skin Duo

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