You’ve probably seen this powder being used countless times in tutorials on ‘baking’, i.e. using a loose setting powder to set the highlighted areas of the face. I’m really not much of a baker in any sense of the word (the one time my sister taught me to bake cookies I burnt them). As my skin is balanced I have no problems with makeup lasting on my face throughout the day (unless it’s summer); once I’ve used a primer and a setting spray I’m good for a solid 8 hours. The thing is, I still would like my blush, bronzer, and highlighters to apply smoothly after I’ve done my foundation routine. This loose translucent powder has been working perfectly for that purpose; everything applies better, and the powder is truly translucent. There’s no white cast in the mirror, nor is there a white cast in pictures. Another plus is how finely milled this is. As soon as I’ve applied this with a round, fluffy powder brush it disappears right into the skin while feeling light and not getting cakey. I do think this would be perfect for everyday use, but don’t look for me to be necessarily to be using it everyday – sometimes I like the slightly dewy look with my foundations. If you’re looking for extra coverage, this powder is not for you. A translucent powder is simply to set everything in place, not to add extra coverage or to change the colour of your foundation. However if you have oily skin I would recommend that you try this, and I would also recommend this for dry skin as well. It does not leaving me looking too matte – my foundation still looks natural and it does not emphasize texture or pores in my cheek area. While Laura Mercier tends to be on the pricier side, the good news is that powders take longer to expire so this will last for a pretty long time.






Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder

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