NARS Blush in Taj Mahal




NARS Cosmetics is usually known for giving their products names that make you a little uncomfortable to ask about when visiting Sephora with, well, anyone. Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Deep Throat, etc. Go figure. Taj Mahal however, does not fall in that category. Nonetheless, it’s still as beautiful as its friends Orgasm and Super Orgasm depending on your skin tone. I had initially purchased this in January 2015, and I returned it because I could not understand what the hype was about. I believe in second chances. I then gave it another shot in December 2015, and now I truly believe why it is that sometimes you have to lose your way to know where you belong. I belong with Taj Mahal blush. Since it’s a burnt orange with gold shimmer it looks absolutely gorgeous on deeper skintones. Applied with an angled blush brush, I do find this to be okay, but when using a stipple (stippling) brush the magic really shines through because it pulls the gold shimmer. Taj Mahal is one of those blushes that does not require a highlighter. I actually think that using a highlighter would possibly take away from the beauty of this cheek colour.


On my NC45 skin tone (Cadiz in NARS foundation) I found it wore nicely and was not too overpowering at all, but with this shade I find that the more chocolate you are, the more flattering this looks. NW44? This. Is. For. You! It gives a lovely colour to the cheeks without being too bold for those of you that are still a little hesitant about which shades to use. Some pinks can go ashy, and some peaches can go ashy as well, Taj Mahal isn’t like that. It has your best interest at heart. Imagine an orange blush…for deeper skin…that does not look theatrical, with a hint of gold shimmer. Also? This looks amazing on the eyes when buffed out on the lids using a slightly fluffy brush, e.g. a 776 by Bdellium Tools or a 217 by MAC; again, both will bring out the gold shimmer and give a wash of burnt orange to the lids; use winged liner to pull the look together. What I’ve also been doing lately, is mixing this with Taos — a shimmery desert rose. Just hear me out, okay? I apply Taos first with an angled blush brush, and then lightly swirl Taj Mahal on top and slightly into my bronzer; the result is pure magic. This blush is totally worth the price, my only complaint about this particular shade is that I have only been able to find it at a handful of Sephora stores here in the GTA. However it is available on Sephora’s website.






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