Happy International Women’s Day! The Original BeautyBlender is one of, if not the most imitated product in the beauty world. Made to be used with both creams and powders, I’ve personally found that the possibilities are almost endless. I’m currently on to my second BeautyBlender and I honestly think it’s worth every last cent. Okay maybe not the cents that make up the sales tax, because here in Ontario sales tax is a bit much. But let’s regroup. All you have to do to is run your BeautyBlender under a tap and squeeze out the excess — sometimes I’ll even give mine a final squeeze in a square of 2-ply tissue. Has the concept of this $30 sponge been often imitated? Yes. Have I tried them? Yes. Do they stack up? No. Save the money that you would keep spending on these dupes and invest in a BeautyBlender. I’m in love with the way this applies foundation primers and illuminating products. With Laura Mercier Radiance Primer, BECCA Backlight Priming Filter, and NARS Orgasm Illuminator it imparts the perfect glow; sometimes when I use any of these with my hands the product simply doesn’t apply evenly. It also works well with products such as Benefit’s Watts Up for even blending. For under eye concealer, no other tool in my arsenal applies and blends product so well without any sort of creasing, and the pointed tip ensures that it goes right up to the lower lashline and that hard to reach area in the corner of the eye. For foundation, this works very well with full coverage foundations, such as BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme; it makes the heaviest products feel more comfortable on the skin, while giving you both ease of application and a skin-like finish. For foundation application you want to use the rounded end instead of the pointed end. As mentioned previously, the pointed end is good for hard to reach areas, for example right around the nose when applying foundation. Are you into cream or liquid type blushes? Your BeautyBlender works for that as well. I’ve tried this with Stila Convertible Colour (an orange shade no less) and it gives the perfect amount of colour to the cheeks. Lastly, if you’ve ever applied too much of any one product, e.g. eyebrow pomade, bronzer, finishing powder, blush, eyeshadow, etc. Simply dab your damp BeautyBlender over the area of concern and it will soften the mistake just enough without ruining your hard work. Before purchasing my first BeautyBlender, I had decided that if I was not impressed by 6 uses within 30 days I would return it. Well, here I am, on to my second BeautyBlender.


The Original BeautyBlender

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