Smooth Wax Bar


If someone were to ask me, “What’s the most rewarding part of blogging for you?”, I’d tell them, “I get to help others. I get to explain to my readers the importance of certain products, and that they don’t necessarily have to always spend an arm and a leg, and I can share my beauty obsession”  The second most rewarding part may be invitations (albeit very few) to certain events, as well as sometimes receiving early press information on products. Regarding invitations, about a month ago I was invited to the opening of Smooth Wax Bar. If you’re in London (Ontario) you may probably already be familiar with Smooth and their waxologists (yes, this is a thing, and a very cool one by the way).




Have you ever visited a new place, alone, and this combined with the fact that the place has nice decor — essentially spiffier than what you’re used to, you suddenly feel…slightly intimidated? Yeah. That tends to happen to all of us, whether you’re going from corner store coffee to Starbucks, or not so spiffy waxing place to a new place that has waxologists. This was shortlived though, because the staff at Smooth Wax Bar is welcoming and informative. Now on to the fuzzy matters. When I entered the room (which had a light citrus scent in the same way that the waiting area does) my waxologist greeted me politely, and gave me a minute to get changed. She then gave me a detailed but quick talk about how she was planning to proceed. While it wasnt my first time being waxed, this still impressed me. She also explained to me the benefits of Smooth’s imported Australian wax, and let me tell you, it made a real difference. Never before have I experienced such minimal pain when having my legs waxed. My waxologist also provided me with tips on what to do before and after waxing sessions. I’ll be honest with you, this was helpful because I actually hadn’t known about most of these tips.


Would I recommend Smooth Wax Bar? Yes! Waxing is a simultaneously intimate, yet slightly painful activity. Considering that someone is spreading warm wax onto whichever body part, and then ripping off the hair with a muslin cloth? Yeah, you might want to make sure that you have someone well-trained and professional performing this in a calming, welcoming environment; enter a waxologist. Smooth is the place for this. Regardless of if you’ve been waxing for years or maybe you’d like to finally venture into this warm world, I think you’ll really like getting smooth here (why am I allowed to continue doing corny lines such as these?) Based on the reasons I mentioned earlier.



As seen in the images above, Smooth Wax Bar does in fact have items available for purchase before or after your wax. Don’t worry, they’re not unrelated items, these items actually improve the level of smoothness that you’d like to maintain. They have everything from natural body scrubs, to lotions that don’t have a strong, to even these cute little hygienic wipes! Also, if you’re the person who’s into tabs, fret not, because Smooth has that option as well. Before I forget, the lovely ladies over at Smooth were kind enough to give me a promo code for the lovely souls reading my blog 🙂 It’s beautyandthebrows and it will get you 25% off  your services until April 2016.


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