MAC Satin Lipstick in Spirit


Having blogged for over a year now, combined with having worked in the beauty industry and having beautiful friends of different races, it’s safe to say that one of the main issues, if not the main issue WOC have, is finding a nude lipstick. Let me be a little more specific, finding a nude lipstick that does not make them look washed out. Enter, MAC’s lipstick in Spirit (21CDN). Described on their website as a muted pinky-beige brown, described by me as one of the most best nudes I’ve come across thus far. 


For some reason I had never heard of this shade before. One evening when I visited a MAC counter inside a department store, the sales associate had recommended it to me. I tried it with C-Thru on top, and I was sold! It also pairs very well with Cork or Chestnut lipliner by MAC for deeper skin tones


But here’s the catch, I found that without C-Thru, Spirit fell flat. This is the perfect segue to my next point about nude lips. What perfects a nude lip — I’ve found on us caramel and chocolate beauties especially, is the liner that it’s being paired with. I pair Spirit (last swatch) with Aqua Lip Liner in 7C by Make Up For Ever (first swatch) because it’s a smidgen darker than my natural lip colour; it provides the perfect base for Spirit’s true colour to show without making me look washed out. If you’re an NC45, looking for a beige toned nude, this is it. But I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that you use a good liner. The best things about nude lipsticks: they work with every single makeup look — you’l get the most look out of them for this reason, when they wear off your lips won’t have that weird outline, and you can pretty much put any gloss on top. I’ve had this since fall of last year, and if we’re being honest, I can’t remember the last time I used a lip colour this much. 


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