Once upon a time, I thought I didn’t need bronzer in my makeup routine because I’m already ‘bronze enough’, and by ‘once upon a time’, I mean up to a few months ago. For reference I’m an NC45 in MAC products. I’d apply my foundation, and do a cream contour every now and then, but without my contour I found that my skin looked flat and very much without dimension (well, duh!) I wanted slight warmth around the temples but not necessarily definition. Enter The Bronzer Hunt at Sephora: Pt.1 — I found nothing and decided to try MSF in Dark Deep by MAC. Dark Deep kept oxidizing, so I figured why not go back and try Bobbi Brown (yay for Sephora gift cards!) This bronzer blends like a dream when applied with the Bdellium Tools 975 brush, and pairs perfectly with just about all my blushes — especially Taos by NARS Cosmetics. My favourite way to wear this has been over MUFE Ultra HD after it’s been set with MUFE Pro Finish. Blends. Like. A. Dream! Using that trio gives me flawless skin, slight definition, and the perfect amount of warmth for me to not look dead in the Canadian winter. What I like about this also is that I find it doesn’t get darker (oxidize) throughout the day, and the added bonus? It works as the perfect transition colour! Why? Because both your bronzer and your transition colour are meant to be only a smidgen darker that your skintone. If you’re of a darker skin tone such as myself, try this one, because really, who wants to look dead in the winter?


Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Deep 4

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