Clockwise: Berry Amore, Bella Rosa, Rose d'Oro

I’m not sure if you guys can tell but…the way a beauty junkie’s habit is set up is such that…once we find something we really like? We tend to want it in almost every single colour. I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels — The Beauty Pair, a few months ago, and Berry Amore had been used in one of the tutorials. It was also mentioned in of their monthly favorites videos. Naturally, I had to have it because it had given her cheeks the most gorgeous pink flush with the perfect hint of gold. But because this is Toronto, and the universe probably wants me to cut back on how many products I own, I had to search high and low (Universe: 1, Me: 0). However, the universe forgot that I have great friends (Hey Sarah!) and so I found them at a local Loblaw’s supermarket (Universe: 1, Me: 1). This blush…may not be suitable for all skin tones. On me (I’m an NC45) since it’s such a subtle pink, even when I am heavy handed it doesn’t come out looking ridiculous — so in that sense it’s somewhat infallible. I find that with these baked blushes once you really get down past the top layers a bit, and the gold veining really comes into play, they’re that much more gorgeous. I do think this could work for fairer skin tones (think Emma Stone) as well, but I think that olive skin (think Naya Rivera) would really pair well with this shade. On darker skin tones (from Sanaa Lathan to Lupita N’yongo) it could work as well, but I would say be careful so that it doesn’t somehow look ashy since it is indeed a light pink. To be fair though, summer just ended so I do have a slight (and I mean very slight) tan and that will obviously affect how colors appear on my skin. But for winter? I think this might just be the perfect pink flush with some Gold Deposit blended into it.


Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore

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