Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in 65 Matte Glam

Milani No.66 Matte Passion (L), Matte Glam (R)

Before you guys question why I need another purple lip colour, let me state two things. Purple is one of my favourite colours, and Milani Cosmetics can be a bit hard to find in Toronto, so when I find it I just have to have it.


Personally, I count Milani as one of the few drugstore brands that delivers good quality — lipsticks and blushes especially. Before you go ahead and ask/state, “Omg this is totally a dupe for MAC Heroine! Yasss!” Let me be honest with you, I do not own Heroine by MAC and I have only tried it in store once (a whole year ago) so I cannot confirm if this is a dupe.

Top to Bottom: 65 Matte Glam, 66 Matte Passion, 64 Matte Orchid

As a matte lipstick, this applies smoothly with no tugging. It feels slightly like a creamy matte. I did find however that it took a few minutes to fully dry down to a matte finish, but this happens with all matte formulas that I’ve tried. Even with lip balm and exfoliated lips, I found that it did not feel drying after about 3 hours, but it did in fact start to flake and a bit patchy. Having said all that though, once you wipe off your first application and reapply, you’re good to go.

Top to Bottom: Matte Glam, Matte Passion, Matte Orchid

Because I do prefer for my purple’s to be on the deeper side, I pair this with MAC Currant from time to time. Compared to: Vision in Violet (Color Elixir) by Maybelline this is matte so there is not much comparison, though color-wise they are the same purple. Compared to: L.U.V. by Kat Von D (Liquid Lipstick), this is more of a true purple while L.U.V. has a bit more magenta in it. There’s usually little to no stock when I go to buy Milani Cosmetics at Wal Mart, but if you see these, I’d say give them a go! But in the battle of Best Purple Lip Colour for Under $10 Vision in Violet would win easily. Vision in Violet wouldn’t even need a protein shake or anything. Though the formulas are different,┬áVIV has amazing lasting power. Nonetheless, while Matte Glam isn’t a winner in the battle, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad participant. Give it a go!


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