L'Oreal Micellar Makeup Removing Solution

Fun Fact: I did Chemistry in high school. I mean lab experiments, chemical reactions, calculations; the works. Micellar water is a staple for both models and makeup artists alike, and with very good reason. Micellar water is made up micelles. These micelles contain a hydrophilic (water loving) head, and a lipophilic (fat loving) tail. Therefore the tail is attracted to the oil and dirt to gently remove them without drying out your skin. The glycerin in micellar water also deserves some credit for not drying out your skin. Glycerin (similar to hyaluronic acid) is a humectant — i.e. it pulls water molecules from your surroundings. I’ve been using this for almost 3 weeks now and I’ve only gone through about half of the bottle. I usually use 1 saturated cotton round to remove my face makeup, and then 2 saturated cotton rounds for my eye makeup — one for each eye. I was surprised at how effective this actually is, considering how gentle it is. I’ve been using my MAC shadows, L’Oreal Miss Manga and sometimes MAC Fluidline lately and it’s all removed with ease. The same goes for my foundation and lip products. You don’t necessarily have to wash your face after using this solution, but I’m a big fan of ‘The Double Cleanse’, so I still go in with my usual skin care routine. If your sentiments about micellar water are still a bit mixed, opt for a more affordable option, such as those by Simple or Garnier. Maybe you’re okay with something more high end, then check out Lancôme, Embryolisse, Caudalie or Bioderma. I purchased my Sublime Soft at Wal Mart for about 8CDN before taxes.


L’Oréal Sublime Soft

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