NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square

From L to R: NARS Blush in Reckless, NARS Night Series Eyeliner in Night Flight, NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square, NARS Blush in Taos

Happy Monday! Okay, so I know most people don’t go out looking for a ‘summer lip colour’, actually many people probably just wear the same colour year round (still having a hard time grasping this concept). At the beginning of spring I had decided that I wanted to try something new. I had tried this colour once at Sephora while out with a friend and ever since that fateful afternoon, I could not get Red Square off my mind. It was then that I knew was convinced that this colour and I had to have a thing going. No, I am not giving up purple lip colours (purple lips forever!) but I really wanted to start playing around with a colour that I hadn’t tried previouslyred-orange. As the name suggests, it’s not entirely red, and its not entirely orange. Picture a colour wheel, think about right between red and yellow where orange is born. This is orange’s cooler older cousin that has a fancy coffee order.


NARS Red Square

I’ll admit, various pictures of Rihanna’s makeup looks inspired me to try this NARS colour, and I’m so glad I did! Timanfaya was a bit too bright for my liking — it showed up as pure neon orange on my skintone. But Red Square is the perfect summer shade. It doubles up for sunny afternoons when you might want to brighten up the face, as well as warm nights when you’re feeling bold. I will warn you however, that even though it applies smoothly, it can be a tiny bit drying as time wears on. So ensure you’ve applied lip balm at least 10 minutes prior, or even something a bit more heavy duty, such as Bite’s Agave Lip Mask.

NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square

The convenience of this pencil contributes to its greatness. Not only is it perfect for travel, but the shape makes application breeze. The chubby pencil is used to both line and shade the lips for neat, intense, opaque colour. The wear time is also fairly impressive. Yes, it does transfer after eating, so I’ll admit that it isn’t as heavy duty as Maybelline Colour Elixir. But for a colour this nice, with super easy application? I don’t have a problem with a quick touch up.

 Have you guys heard? NARS’ Holiday 2015 Collection will be a collaboration with Steven Klein. ‘Plum lips’ and ‘metallic shadows’ have been tossed around quite a bit, so I’m pretty excited to see what’s in store!



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