L’Oréal Magic Lumi Primer


Target is leaving the Canadian retail landscape, and what does that mean for a beauty junkie? Discounted makeup! Well...almost everything was discounted actually. After browsing the L'Oréal section, I decided on a shadow I had been lusting after, along with the Light Infusing Magic Lumi Primer, and a Silkissime liner that I had wanted as well. I've tried this primer with L'Oréal True Match Lumi foundation, and I quite liked the result. For dewy skin in the winter time, it's almost a perfect pairing. However I'm still curious to see how this would perform when paired with a luminzer, under a foundation. I'm really impressed at how it worked with my skin tone -- it didn't lighten or affect the colour of my foundation whatsoever, and it did provide a 'lit from within' effect. The consistency of this feels a bit watery -- think more along the lines of a serum (somewhat), and my skin absorbed it quickly; I was able to see the light reflecting particles right away (which I liked). All in all I do think this is a pretty good primer, especially for foundations such as MAC Studio Fix Fluid, which can sometimes appear too matte -- or you can try mixing this in with a foundation that is too matte. If the dewy/natural appearance is what your little heart desires, then definetly try this with True Match Lumi foundation.


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