MAC Matte Lipstick in Sin


Lighter than Cyber, but darker than Diva, Sin is the newest addition to my Little Lipstick Family. There’s little use in me stating the obvious — I’m quite fond of darker lip shades as opposed to bright colours, or even nude shades. Sin is a matte finish, unlike Cyber which is a Satin finish; there is less movement on the lips, with (for me) longer wearability.  On my skin tone (NC45), Sin appears more of a rustic deep brown shade, as opposed to a burgundy shade. Though it is brown, there is a strong red undertone — which is why it pairs so nicely with Currant. Not to say that this would be unflattering on lighter skin tones, but for Women of Colour, this is a real winner because it enhances yellow undertones so nicely. For those of you who prefer a simple bold lip with no shadow — some liner and lush lashes will work just fine. For those of you like me, who feel a warm eye pairs well with…well…almost everything. I’ve been using some of the shades in my quad as my go-to complementary pairing. Though this is a matte finish, it isn’t drying. Still ensure that you’ve scrubbed the dead skin off your lips because if you haven’t, they will be even more pronounced — no fun for anyone involved. Last thing, promise. Since this is such a deep shade, ensure that you line your lips when wearing it so that it doesn’t look sloppy. P.S. I apologize if you’re unable to see the caption on my last 3 posts. I have no idea why this is happening; trying to fix it ASAP! 😦


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