Maybelline Color Tattoo in Deep Forest



Do you remember learning in art class that adding white to a colour makes it a tint, grey makes it a tone, and adding black makes it a shade? This will be relevant in a few minutes — promise! The first item I’ll be reviewing from the four pictured here, is Maybelline’s Leather Color Tattoo in Deep Forest.


Deep Forest is from the Leather Color Tattoo Collection, and it applies very nicely. I find that it glides on a bit better than the Color Tattoo I have in Electric Blue (Metals), and Fierce and Tangy applies just as well.


Instead of using this over an eye primer, I use Deep Forest as the primer — it’s the perfect the cool base for any colour — for example, any pastel eye shadow that you’d like to deepen up a bit. Initially when I saw it in the jar (and also based on the name) I was expecting it to be distinctly green, but on my skin it appears grey — which I do not mind, at all.


When I used Deep Forest as the base for this eye look, MAC’s Guacamole (Frost) blended nicely right on top with my Bdellium Tools 785, and I experienced no creasing whatsoever. If you’re looking for a cool base, or just a neutral shade that you can wear with any lip colour, Deep Forest needs to be on your list.

The MAC Heirloom Mix — one of their holiday collections, just launched online this morning. Did you see anything that caught your eye? Also, I’m almost ready for a (free) lipstick via the Back 2 MAC program! Which one do you think I should get? I tried Ruby Woo and Flat Out Fabulous — hated the feel of the retro matte formula. Leave your suggestions down below!


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