Happy Hundredth!


Let me start by saying thanks for even bothering to read this post — and for having read my other 99 posts. I still remember how much time I had spent debating whether or not I should try my hand at blogging. Had I known it would quickly grow to become my favourite creative outlet, I would have begun some time ago. But nothing before its time, right? Do you have a favourite brand? Maybe you prefer high end brands, maybe you’re fiercely loyal to drugstore brands. Being unable to afford brands such as MAC and Iman, Maybelline was my ‘go to’, my ‘it’ brand for almost every item I would need.  Maybelline is one of my favourite brands, and here’s why. My good memories are associated with Maybelline. The very first mascara I bought at age 11 (Unstoppable), was by them — so was the second tube I purchased (white primer at one end, regular volumising mascara at the other end). The first time I did — what was considered in my mind (at age 13) “makeup shopping”, I remember clearly purchasing a Maybelline eye shadow quad, a Shinylicious lip gloss (discontinued) and Define A Lash mascara — of course I bought Define A Line months after. My first liquid foundation? Maybelline Fit Me in 320. First and second tubes of red lipstick? Those were Maybelline also. In my teenage years, I read Seventeen magazine almost religiously and I would constantly see Maybelline advertisements.  Initially I had been impressed by the fact that their products work for women of colour — that’s how I became hooked, and now, here we are. At my hundredth post. Do you have a favourite brand? Comment below and let me know! Thanks again for reading!



2 thoughts on “Happy Hundredth!

  1. Congratulations!! It is amazing how fast time had flown! It feels like just yesterday that you were starting and now you are at 100 posts! Let’s hope for 100+ more and many opportunities to come 🙂

    My first brand was cover girl! First mascara, concealer, foundation, lipsticks all came from cover girl. I think that was because it was so simple and attracted me. My mom also used it so it felt very comfortable. As far as a go to brand now, I don’t really have one 😦 tbh I have been in the biggest makeup rut ever and not much has excited me (even that LORAC became lacklustre after 5 minutes) so I can’t really speak of a brand that I love at the moment.

    Xoxoxox Sarah


    • Hahah I know right! And all those times I kept talking to you about whether or not I should go ahead and start? Definitely hoping for more opportunities to come! 🙂

      I remember one of my first quads was by Covergirl, and I had tried their Lashblast mascara — needless to say, I felt super cool. I kinda feel the same way about that LORAC palette we were talking about, idk too many neutral shades for me. Currently I’m in love with NARS and Make Up For Ever HD, and of course I’m still going through my MAC phase. I think it’s because from those 3 brands, and Maybelline I can find at least one product for each part of my face, i.e. eyes, lips, cheeks, that impresses me 🙂

      xoxo Tal


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