Spotted: Drugstore Fall 2014 (Mini) Update

First of all, let me address how many different variations I have for posts about what's being seen at the drugstore. 

First of all, let me address how many different variations I have for posts about what’s being seen at the drugstore — my apologies. Second, some* of the products pictured here were sent to me by Maybelline Canada for review, big (read: very big) thanks to Maybelline Canada! While others are products I had purchased previously. P.S. Stay tuned for their Matte Color Sensational lipsticks to launch in Canada anywhere between now and next month.


I went by Rexall and spotted this display — usually I don’t pay too much attention to Covergirl. However it seems that they’ve re-packaged (and possibly re-formulated?) one of their mascaras. I usually don’t hear much hype surrounding Covergirl’s mascaras. Even though every time I see one of their quads and LashBlast mascaras it takes me back to being 14.


I remember in summer I had seen Revlon post about their Colorstay Skinny liquid liner that was on the way — due to a bad experience with their Colorstay liquid liner in the form of a felt-tip pen, I was far from being interested. However I do think it’s nice that here it has been paired up with their Colorstay retractable liner (which I’ve had good experiences with).


L’Oreal Glossy Balm. Another product that didn’t really appeal to me — I’ve yet to catch on to this lip crayon trend that’s been sweeping the beauty world. Call me ‘old school’ (no, really, call me Old School) but I like my lip liners separate from my lipsticks, separate from my glosses — with Vision in Violet being the exception. This is definitely perfect for those of you on the go, or simply looking for something that will give you colour with the flexibility to sheer it down as much as you’d like. L’Oreal’s lip products are impressive, so I’d say go ahead and give these a try if they appeal to you. Also! Stay tuned for an upcoming L’Oreal lipstick collection — different shades of red, each inspired by their brand ambassadors.


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