How to: Use MAC’s Fix Plus


If you’re reading this blog, there’s an 80% chance you’ve heard of MAC Fix Plus before, but it’s possible you weren’t entirely sure what it’s supposed to be used for. MAC Fix Plus can be used as a setting spray, though it didn’t perform well for me on that front when compared to Urban Decay’s setting spray. What it definitely helps with is cooling your face down — it feels refreshed in the warmer months, while in the colder months it keeps your face from feeling dried out; I’ve used this in both Jamaica and Canada. You can also spritz a little over your face after makeup application, and then take your beauty blender (in a stippling/dabbing motion) to go over any areas where you may have applied too much product. Fix Plus can also be used before makeup applicationwith a foundation that feels a bit thick, such as MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid. For regular shimmery/metallic shadows, spritz a little on your brush before picking up the shadow on your brush, and this help increase the intensity.┬áMAC’s Fix Plus spray is the perfect companion for using your loose pigments. When using pigments, the brush needs to be a bit damp to avoid having fallout all over your face. You’ve had your makeup on for a few hours throughout the day then you suddenly decided to go out in the night? Blot the sweat off, take a Q-tip to the inner corners of your eyes, and refresh your makeup with this spray — good as new! The travel size is about 12CDN, while the full size is 20+ (I’m not entirely sure). Fix Plus (travel sized) is not one of the MAC items that you’ll find at a MAC counter within a department store, but I’m almost sure I had passed it when running through JFK airport


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