Have you ever wanted something, but since it wasn’t an urgent/pressing need you decided to keep waiting? I had wanted to try NYX’s Purple Rain ever since I had seen it paired with Maybelline’s Brazen Berry. The other day at Rexall Purple Rain was on sale for about $2.50 — so I grabbed 2. Is this a nice colour? Yes, it’s the perfect combination of both purple and pink — if you’re looking for a nice magenta liner, this may be the one. However, as usual, the one flaw I’ve found with NYX’s lip liners is that they could be a bit smoother (when compared to MAC’s lip liners). That being said, considering the price I can’t cry too much about that since I didn’t pay too much. It’s pigmented, so that’s good. I’m still playing around with it to see which other lip products I like using it with the most. I’m thinking Butter Gloss in Raspberry Tart? Or maybe it’ll pair well with Maybelline’s Hot Plum? I’ll continue trying it out to give a final verdict on this.


NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Purple Rain

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