Have you ever received a sample of something, judged it, and consequently forgot to use it since you weren’t initially excited? Yes, because this happens to all of us. In February, I purchased Urban Decay’s Triple Threat (Matte) Set — sadly, I had to return it because the ‘great’ Perversion liner did not last on my waterline for more than 2 hours. On that trip to Sephora, I also received a (deluxe?) sized sample of Lancôme La Base PRO face primer. When you place this on your fingers it doesn’t feel like a mattifying primer — don’t expect it to feel like the Stay Matte primer by Rimmel. It reminds me of Maybelline’s Baby Skin — touted as a dupe for Benefit’s The POREfessional). I’m pleasantly surprised at how this has been working, even though I’m not using it for mattifying purposes given the colder temperatures. What’s winning me over is that it really does keep my makeup in place. More importantly, when I looked close up, my pores appeared smaller! I kid you not, I tried The POREfessional and I returned because I really saw no difference. This Lancome one though? Honestly? Yes, I am impressed. There, I said it.



Lancôme La Base PRO

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