Olive Oil ORS No-Lye Hair Relaxer (Extra Strength) Kit



I’ve had relaxed hair for about a decade now, so one would think that after all this time I would have learnt a few things, yes? Oh yes! Recently I’ve been doing my relaxers at home and for 7CDN before HST, this kit is impressive.


The shampoo (contains sulfates) is definitely good in washing out all the relaxer and sometimes I even have a little left in the pouch after washing my hair. The Replenishing Pak leaves my hair feeling moisturized and tangle free after I’ve used it; about 2 or 3 uses from one pouch. The Wrap/Set Mousse — essentially similar to other mousses I’ve tried, the only issue is that you have to be careful when opening the packet. Lastly, the relaxer and activator are pretty much infallible; you simply pour the liquid into the container with the cream and stir until fully combined. The fact that this kit comes with gloves and the wooden stick is pretty convenient, the only addition I would want is some protective gel.


The relaxer gets my hair as straight as I want it, however I do tend to get a few burns. My burns may result from various factors: I have a sensitive scalp, maybe I hadn’t used enough* protective hair oil (use a thick oil, such as castor oil), the relaxer stays on some parts of my hair longer than others since I have pretty long hair, this relaxer is extra strength. Need a quick touch up? Go out and try this kit! What do you have to lose? Only $7.


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