Glamour Dolls Makeup Launch


Usually when one thinks of a beauty brand created by a makeup artist, they think of LORAC Cosmetics, NARS Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, or Laura Mercier; all high end brands found in Sephora/ULTA. But can you find something affordable (of high quality) that’s been created by a pro MUA? The best thing about beauty lines created by MUA’s is that they have so much knowledge regarding different formulas, skin tones and skin types; nothing trumps experience. Recently I had the opportunity to ask professional makeup artist Jessica Romano about her brand, Glamour Dolls.


What inspired you to create the Glamour Dolls line?

I’ve been doing makeup for so long and I’ve met some incredible humans along the way. Each and every one of them that let me touch their face has made an impact on me and my creativity. I’ve learned from them that women want to feel good, look good, and don’t want to spend their life savings doing it. That’s why everything in Glamour Dolls is under $5 with fun packaging, and great quality formulas. 

How would you describe the idea ‘Glamour Doll’? Is she edgy? Feminine? Sophisticated?

She’s a free spirited girl, who knows exactly what she wants. She’s girly, fun and happy; a Glamour Doll lights up a room! She is OK to be seen without makeup, but she enjoys wearing it for herself. 


What are your 5 beauty ‘must haves’?  
  • Well with fall fast approaching, my first must have is a good MOISTURIZER. Your face is your canvas, it is important to take care of it. 
  • Still on the topic of skin, another must have are BABY WIPES.  They are inexpensive, and leave you with no excuse to take off your makeup before bed.
  • BRONZER! Actually I’m currently in the process of creating a kick ass bronzer for Glamour Dolls.  Fingers crossed that it will launch this fall! 
  • I’m obsessed with Glamour Dolls’ Gloss Snob.  The color of this gloss really pops, and the texture is smooth and very comfortable on your sensitive lips. 
  • Mascara.  If you don’t wear mascara, go home you’re drunk.
Should we expect to see Glamour Dolls in Canadian retail stores any time soon?
Actually we are speaking to a few Canadian retailers! However we would love to hear from YOU!  What are your favorite stores in Canada and where would you like to see us? 
Where do you see the brand in 5 years?
Five years from now I hope to see Glamour Dolls making girls happy and pretty all over the world. 
Glamour Dolls is currently being sold in all Joyce Leslie retail locations along with some Hallmark stores, and their products are also sold online at



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