Back to School: Beauty 101

Hi there! Fun Fact: At the first high school I attended, we weren’t allowed to wear makeup (among many other things), despite that, it still is the best all-girls school in that country. However at the school after that, the rules weren’t as strict — in 2 years I had my morning beauty routine down pat.


For school I think you should be able to have fun with your look, without having to try too hard. A pop of colour on the eyes using Sephora’s Contour Waterproof eye liner in Summer Cruise gives a nice subtle hint of turquoise. For colour on the lips, try NYX’s Butter Gloss in Raspberry Tart which reads as a light purple — almost magenta shade without being sticky. If you decide to wear foundation, make sure you go for something that won’t be too cakey and will look natural — I recommend my current favourite, L’oreal True Match. Mascara is a must! Since you’re most likely not going to be doing a smokey eye for your Math class in the morning, try Maybelline Great Lash: Lots of Lashes; it’s not clumpy and it separates your lashes so nicely! Don’t forget to bring the life back to your cheeks, I recommend Milani’s Rose d’Oro or NYX’s Desert Rose; both are affordable and have very good color payoff.


Black Ink Pens: Like winged liner? Go for a liquid liner pen such as Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Precise, the felt tip is very precise and yet flexible enough to give you the slight flick at the end. Pencils and Crayons: If you’re lining your inner rims, be sure to use a waterproof pencil. Be sure to check out Rimmel’s shadow pencils for your eyes, and Revlon’s matte pencils for your lips. Erasers: Get rid of your dark circles using a concealer that really gets the job done! Paper: If you know you’ll be sweating at school or on your way there, be sure to have your blotting papers handy — perfect for lunch time touch-ups. Highlighters: Break out Benefit’s Watts Up highlighter on days when you have enough time to add something extra to your routine — a little bit on the top of your cheeks, down your nose, and on your chin is all you need.


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