Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Single Shadows



These were a few of the items I purchased in my mini US Haul, and at .93cents each, that’s the only reason my disappointment has been made easier to work through. I was initially thinking these little glittery gems would be perfect for a night out to add an extra sparkle to the centre of the lid — especially when Christmas and New Year’s Eve roll around. On Wet n Wild’s website, these are described as long-wearing cream shadows that are crease resistant (I’ve paraphrased). They contain both Aloe and Coconut Oil — and I think these ingredients could be the issue. The shadows feel more slippery than anything else, and deposit little to no glitter. If you have $3 to spend at the drugstore, and you want to use it on Wet n Wild eye shadow, opt for one of the Color Icon palettes instead — those have gotten rave reviews. Wet n Wild (in my opinion) is an impressive drugstore cosmetic brand, and that’s the main reason I found these so disappointing — I know they can do better! Swatches of the shadows are coming soon.





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