Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy


Lighter than tangerine, but not quite peach or coral, Fierce and Tangy is more tangy than fierce. I was expecting something brighter as opposed to the laid back pastel orange shade pictured here. Sorry Fierce and Tangy, but you’re looking more like Quiet and Polite.


First of all, let me address the staying power of this product. After washing my face it still hadn’t budged — at which point I had to use some jojoba oil on a cotton pad to really get it all off my lid.


I always use my finger to apply Color Tattoo, because I feel that this places more colour on my lid. And surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to blend the pink shadow (powder) right over a light layer of Fierce and Tangy.


Though it can’t be seen in the picture — this cream eye shadow does contain small shimmer particles. Since it’s such a light pastel shade, I think it would work really well as a base for colours such as MAC’S Expensive Pink and NYX’s Orange Zest Pearl.


In essence, this wasn’t a bad buy. I mean I got it on clearance for 2.98USD at Target, and it is a pretty colour; there’s really nothing to cry about. This applies smoothly — a little smoother than the Electric Blue Color Tattoo actually. It’s not so much that this shadow isn’t pigmented — because it is. It’s more that I was simply expecting a brighter shade of orange — this is more of a bleached tangerine. 


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