MAC vs. NYX: Pigment Edition


Hi there! While planning this week’s blog posts, I realised I had done MAC vs. NYX posts for: blush, eye shadow, and lip liners — but I hadn’t done a feature on pigments. Regarding quality, both brands delivered, so keep on reading.


As I had written previously in my post on How to Use Pigments (which may be revamped with new images), loose pigments are something that do require a spritz of liquid (such as MAC Fix Plus, a setting spray, or some water) in order for them to work. 


One MAC pigment will cost you about 20CDN or — I’m assuming, about 18USD. While one NYX Loose Pearl Eye Shadow is priced about 3USD (according to NYX’s website). MAC does have some lovely coloured pigments, Rose in particular seems to be one of those shades that is unique to them; overall though, they have less colours when compared to NYX. If you’re into browns, golds and other warm shades, then NYX will probably be your pick. 


MAC’s Rose pigment is rose gold when applied with only a slight hint of pink. The packaging is deceiving — it looks more pink before it’s actually swatched. MAC’s Melon pigment is slightly deceiving as well, i.e. the color looks a bit differently when applied. In the container, Melon looks more yellow-gold, but when applied it really is more a light gold (read: champagne) colour.


Because of the way in which loose pigments work, i.e. only needing to use a little a time, I’d advise you to find someone to share a MAC pigment with — or even 2 other persons. You get a lot of product in one package, so it will take you quite some time to finish. Both NYX and MAC pigments deliver when it comes to longevity and the overall quality is impressive for both.


Personally? I’m leaning more towards NYX winning for this round. Simply because the price point is amazing at 3USD per package, and the assortment of colours is pretty impressive. MAC has great colours, of course, but when you think about how long it’s going to take to finish one of those…you really have to consider if you want to spend $20 on it. They’ve added some Sized to Go ones to their collection, so you can always try those out for $10! 🙂



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