OCC Lip Tar in Rx


In my post on Aria Night Out Look.1 I used OCC’s Lip Tar in the shade Rx, but I hadn’t done a post on the product specifically. A few months ago I received a sample from Sephora — this was pretty intriguing because I hadn’t tried Lip Tar previously. This electric blue shade is definitely not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who are unable to deal with people being distracted by their lip colour. The lasting power of Lip Tar is amazing, I applied this at 4a.m. when getting ready and it lasted until pretty well until 4p.m. — it rubbed off a bit in the day because I had eaten. One little bead is all you need to cover both lips, keeping them pigmented and matte throughout the day. I applied it using my Real Techniques detailer brush, and the precision could not be beat. Go ahead and try a Lip Tar out, or even get a sample — they have so many shades!


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