Elephant and Castle Review

You probably already figured out that this isn’t a beauty post — but is it okay if we make today an exception for today? Oh, it is? Wonderful! About a week ago, I was invited to a Friends and Family Event at Elephant and Castle’s newly renovated location. If you haven’t heard about Elephant and Castle, it’s a pub and restaurant that combines English classics with a Canadian twist. Yes, they do have an entire section of the menu devoted to poutine — don’t worry.


For ‘Snack and Share’ my friend and I ordered nachos. Yes, it really is as filling as it looks with all the fixings: olives, jalapenos, minced beef (there’s also a chicken option), shredded and melted cheese, green onions and tomatoes. Believe me when I tell you that halfway through, we began feeling full.


I ordered steak-frites, and what you’re looking at is 10 oz. of meaty goodness. I always take my steaks medium-rare, and this one was grilled to perfection; not too rare, nor too dried out or rubbery. The chips were perfectly hot and crisp, though I didn’t care much for the peppercorn gravy. However, I do have a strange love for thyme so that really hit home with me.


Now we’ve gotten to the good part. This New York style cheesecake has been infused with Bailey’s Irish Rum Cream and drizzled with a chocolate coffee sauce. It was baked (just as it says on the menu) and when we received it, it was actually warm. I have a real sweet tooth — for cakes especially, so I know good cheesecake when I eat it. And this was good stuff. The other thing that caught our eye on the dessert menu was the Big Ben Brownie — go figure!

On a note of honesty...I actually a bit of a weakling when it comes to steak.

On a note of honesty…I’m actually a bit of a weakling when it comes to steak — I’m never able to finish the entire thing in one sitting.

But when you're able to feel full from what you were able to manage in the restaurant, and still have some to repurpose for Saturday morning's steak and eggs breakfast -- I think you got a pretty generous portion of food.

But when you’re able to feel full from what you could manage in the restaurant, and still have some to for Saturday morning’s steak and eggs breakfast — I think you got a pretty generous portion of food.

Would I go back here? Yes!

Not only is this place relatively (read: very) large, but their expansive menu is impressive — you don’t usually expect this from a pub. It’s split into 3 sections, so it doesn’t feel like you’re just in ‘any ol’ pub’, because Elephant and Castle maintains the ambiance of a restaurant. They not only have classics such as Shepperd’s Pie, but also spicy mahi mahi tacos, jerk chicken burgers, jalapeno mac n’ cheese, lettuce wraps, and tomato linguine; everyone wins. If you have food allergies, don’t worry — our waitress was very thorough in checking if we were allergic to anything. From the greeter at the door, to our waitress (Jordan) and the managers — they all provided impressive customer service. If you’re in the GTA there’s one down on Yonge and Gerrard, but the newly renovated location is in the Financial District on King Street (close to St. Andrew’s church, up the street from St.Andrew subway station).

I was not paid or requested to write this review. All opinions and pictures provided here are my own.




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