What’s New at Sephora



Every time I meet up with one of my close friends, we end up at Sephora. Is it because I’m a beauty junkie? Is it maybe just a habit that’s slowly becoming a tradition? I’m really not sure. I do have a favourite Sephora location though, so read on to see what I found!


Prior to my Sephora trip, I had looked online and saw that Ciate had new coloured mascara — no, coloured mascara isn’t a new invention, but when I think of Ciate I think of nail polish. These are to be applied to the tips of your eyelashes after you’ve applied your regualr black mascara. The colours are to give a little pop, or even brighten your eyes a bit — blue will bring out the white of your eyes. I really can’t see myself paying more than 15CDN for this, simply because there are so many other coloured mascaras on the market.


NARS has reformulated their lipglosses, and apparently everyone is in love. I remember months (read: more than 3 or 6) ago when I tried the great Orgasm — lipgloss that is, I was really put off by the smell. That was enough to have me wonder why I should pay 30CDN for one liploss.


While my friend explained to me why she thinks Hourglass primer would be worth the splurge, the sales associate informed us about these primers a bit. The liquid to powder apparently clings to dry patches — so dry girls, beware.


I went searching to see if I would magically get lucky and find the travel-sized Full Exposure palette in the Smashbox section — yes, there is now a travel-sized Full Exposure palette (you can thank me for the update later)

Then I stumbled upon these new little lip lacquers that they've recently launched.

Then I stumbled upon these new little lip lacquers that they’ve recently launched, called Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer.


Keep in mind that ever since I tried Maybelline’s Color Elixir, every other lip product that I’ve swatched has had some high standards to meet.


When I did go ahead and swatch these, I wasn’t impressed. When I’m looking for a lip lacquer in particular, I need something that’s going to feel creamy and really have saturated colour. Swatched on the back of my hand, it felt just like something you could have bought at the drugstore.



The only thing that impressed me (oh so slightly) was the packaging. It’s sleek — not boring, compact — not tiny, and for lip products, I like when the colour is shown for easy identification.

That’s about it for new things that I spotted this weekend. I saw Benefit’s “They’re Real!” Push-Up Liner…but somehow I wasn’t intrigued.





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