MAC Satin Lipstick in Cyber

I’ve done a post on The Dark Lip Trend, featuring Revlon’s Black Cherry. Cyber by MAC however, was not only the first MAC item I ever purchased, but also the first bold (dark) lip shade I ever purchased. When wearing this, I always ensure that I’ve mixed a little luminizer into my foundation to avoid having the colour make me look totally washed out. That being said, I really do love this lipstick!


A very deep plum shade — almost a blackened purple, Cyber is not for the faint of heart. This is often referred to as a ‘fall lip shade’. However, as you probably guessed, I wear my Cyber year-round when I’m really feeling bold.


It’s MAC’s Satin finish — therefore it feels creamy and applies pretty opaque in the first swipe unlike Heroine which is a matte finish, and Violetta which is an amplified cream finish; both shades are also lighter than Cyber. Think of Cyber as the lipstick equivalent to MAC’s lip liners in Currant and Nightmoth.

I particularly enjoy seeing how this lipstick pairs with outfits that are similar in colour, and I think it would look especially nice with white, taupe, or beige clothing. It works perfectly with MAC’s lip liner in Currant, but if you don’t have that liner a nude one will work just as well — for any lip colour to prevent bleeding, use a nude lip liner that works with your skin tone. 


I apologize for how awkwardly cropped this photo is. When wearing Cyber I tend to opt for neutral shadows such as Mulch, my usual foundation routine and a little Love Joy on the cheeks.

This lipstick wears for a long time — and I mean hours. Even after a day of shopping, chit-chatting and eating, it barely budged. All I needed was a quick touch-up right in the centre of my lips. If you really want to intensify the dark undertones, then go ahead and fully line your lips with Nightmoth — as it is darker than Currant. Or tap into your creative side and even use a little black eye kohl before applying this lipstick. Don’t forget to clean up the edges with concealer, and ensure that the rest of your foundation is flawless with a little blush.




2 thoughts on “MAC Satin Lipstick in Cyber

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